Thursday, 30 March 2017

5 Fresh Takes on Layers for Spring

It gets to this time of year and the weather is always changing from fairly mild to breezy and cold within a single day. For this reason, layering is essential for the Spring time.

1) Stylish and Classy- Jumper-shirt

This look with a shirt layered under a jumper is a smart way to layer for spring because if you get too warm, take the jumper off and you still look classy and smart. But, if not it is still an elegant layered look.

2) A Cute Pairing- The Jumper Dress

If you are struggling to make layering look feminine and fashion-forward then take a note of this look. Layer your favourite jumper under a cute slip dress or pinafore for a unique and versatile look that can be styled differently each time.

3) Keep warm- A Chunky Scarf

Put your own twist on a classic look by simply layering a scarf over your favourite outfit. This look is so easy to put together if you're in a rush but is oh-so-cosy for those blustery Spring days.

4) Classic and Versatile- The Waistcoat 

Need to look office ready whilst layering too? Why not pair a thick sleeveless waistcoat for a versatile layer that adds dimension and intrigue to simple work wear.

5) A New One- The Coatigan

When it is too warm for coats we have only few options- and the newly popular coatigan is one. This trend has only been on the scene for a few seasons but we love the oversized -but lightweight look of a coatigan.

By Izzy Garvey

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